My Story

Hi, my name is Mike Miller. I’m just an average guy who became obsessed with the fact that it’s possible to earn a living moving money around. Working when and where I wanted with no boss or deadlines.

Around 7 years ago I started day trading stocks. It wasn’t easy. After dozens of unsuccessful trades, I decided to learn from the professionals and research, research, research. I was blessed by befriending a seasoned vet who took me under his wing and helped restructure my thought process.

The truth is no one can predict with certainty what the market will do. It’s a game of probability. I use technical analysis to help me determine when the trade has the highest probability of success. I follow algorithmic support and resistance levels, I follow company news, I follow chart patterns, and I follow various chart oscillators.

Being a successful trader requires discipline, bottom line. I set targets before I enter any trade and always set stop-losses. I also went from day trading to swing trading. I wait for the best entry points for the greatest gains and give the market time for my targets to be reached.

Let the winners run is my motto.

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