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Cardano (ADA) Roadmap [ Progress Report ]

Cardano(ADA) is a popular blockchain project that is capturing the attention of the investors and blockchain enthusiast.

Cardano is a blockchain project that aims to improve the scalability and security of blockchain by providing a layered architecture. It can also be termed as a smart contract platform.

“Cardano’s blockchain is similar to Ethereum’s mirroring the fact that decentralized applications (DAPS) and smart contracts can be built on the blockchain.” — Devin Milsom, owner of CryptInvestorClub

So, as a consumer or an investor you might be thinking what Cardano truly holds? To better understand, we need to learn more about its roadmap. In today’s article, we will do just that. In addition to discussing their roadmaps, we will be sharing some of the insights from the industry leaders and blockchain enthusiast on what they think about it. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

Cardano (ADA) Roadmap Explained

Official Roadmap link:
Date of launch: 29th Sept. 2017.
Current phase: Byron – bootstrap phase
Blockchain generation: 3rd.
Wallet: Daedalus
Proof of Stake algorithm: Ouroborus.

Just like any other blockchain project, they are driven by their scientific philosophy and principles.

The three principles that they follow for the roadmap development are as follows:

  1. Community growth.
  2. A resilient and distributed network
  3. Ensure proper pace of development and research without bringing commercial advantage into play.

At the time of writing, three organization are currently working on the project.

  1. The Cardano Foundation
  2. IOHK
  3. Emurgo
cardano foundation

Each of the organization plays a crucial role in bringing Cardano to life. They aim to deliver better interoperability, scalability, and sustainability.

Development Phases

To best understand the roadmap, we first need to list the development phases that are already pre-defined by the Cardano team. The development is also done in parallel if the component is not dependent on others.

Byron ada


Byron is the bootstrap phase where they are laying the foundation of the Cardano blockchain. They will create a new cryptocurrency tech stack which will be written entirely from scratch.

Release time: Q2 2018.
Purpose: To make Cardano SL(Cardano Settlement Layer) completely decentralized. It will also help improve Ouroboros.
Completed: Log submission mechanism, exchange enhancements, and Cardano SL main net launch.
Active: Cardano SL 1.3 release which aims to improve the Daedalus wallet’s interface and also user experience. It will also improve memory consumption.

shelly ada roadmap


Shelley is all about decentralization. Once the Byron baseline is developed, it will be time for Cardano team to improve decentralization further and make the whole system autonomous as well.

Release time: Q2 and Q3 2018.
Purpose: To make the platform autonomous and decentralized completely. They are also focusing on other aspects including releasing stake pool and delegation testnets.
Completed: Shelley have been in active development lately and many components of it are completed until now. They include faster network synchronization, faster wallet restoration, paper wallets, consensus incentive and fees.
Active: Shelley’s aim is big, and that’s why you will see a lot of active features that are in implementation. To make it easy to digest, let’s list them below.

  1. Open Ouroboros Delegation Research paper: Almost done. It is in final review at the time of writing.
  2. Open Ouroboros delegation implementation: In early development.
  3. Multisignature transactions: 40% development complete.
  4. Wallet backend: In review stage with 80% completion.

And much more! For more info, we recommend checking the roadmap page and then selecting Shelley.

Goguen ada roadmap


The Goguen phase deals with the development of IELE, the next-generation virtual machine. They will also focus on developing a universal language framework which can guide future blockchain technology.

Release time: Not specified
Purpose: IELE development, Universal language framework development, and security improvement
Completed: Smart contracts testnets – Live and IELE Virtual machine V1
Active: The team is actively working on many features. The few features worth mentioning include the following.

  1. Sidechains: In review stage with 80% completion.
  2. Accounting mode: In the review stage with 80% completion.
  3. Multi-currency ledger: In early development with 20% completion.
  4. Plutus core: In early development with 16% completion.

And much more! For more info, we recommend checking the roadmap page and then selecting Goguen.

basho ada roadmap


Basho phase is for performance improvement all across the network. It will also focus on scalability and security. Moreover, a revised network layer and Ouroboros Praos will also be implemented in this phase.

Release time: Not specified
Purpose: Overall security, scalability and performance improvement. Ouroboros Praos and network layer will also be implemented.
Completed: None
Active: Voting Centre — In early stage development with 20% completion.

voltaire ada


Voltaire is the last phase of the Cardano roadmap. In this phase, the focus would be on assurance and scalability. They will also introduce a Treasury model.

Release time: Not specified
Purpose: Assurance and scalability, and treasury model introduction.
Completed: None
Active: None

An Overview of what’s going on

At the time of writing, the Cardano project has made many improvements over the course of time. They are currently working on the Byron phase. The Byron phase is a bootstrap phase which deals with the wallet debugging and backend code. In this same phase, they will be focusing on the Daedalus design and also improve the third party APIs integration.

Next, they will move on to Shelly which deals with network decentralization.

They are also working on different aspects of the Cardano blockchain which includes scalability, governance, and interoperability. Over time, the complexity will increase, and the team is planning to use more advanced cryptographic primitives to their advantage.

Where to get updates?

Cardano is still in its early stages. However, we are positive towards it as it follows a scientific methodology. It also has an excellent solid roadmap with clear phases defined from the start. As this is still in development, we recommend regularly following their roadmap page.

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